Nov 27, 2006

team firecrotch forever.

Besides Blogger being a bitca and rendering me unable to format properly in Safari (biting the hand that publishes me, no?), there's VERY IMPORTANT breaking news:

Paris. Hit. Lindsay.

x17 has the video up here.

(see how easy it is to link rather than steal? coughcoughPEREZcoughcough. Sidenote and true story: I saw that jackhole wearing an ugly scarf in the middle of August. In Los Angeles. When it's 1000+ degrees out. No thanks to global warming. Which Lindsay causes, you know.)

Meanwhile. Certain people - Joan, Krystal, everyone - know of my undying Lohan love and obsession. I hate her! I love her! She's a scoundrel! She's a saint! She's crazy! She's a genius! (apologies to Orson Welles and Citizen Kane). But seriously. Not cool, Paris. And unlike you, Lindsay has actually done something with her life. Okay?

ETA: Just Jared has pictures of that other lovely Firecrotch, Prince Harry, being all shirtless and playing Indiana Jones.. Wow. I know he's pasty and British. But hot damn. Plus, he seems cheeky and fun and if you check the CPMCoG forums, you know the boy is hung like a horse. A very well-endowed horse. Sure, he wore that Nazi uniform, but so did Rolf in SoM, right?

Shut up in advance, teenyboppers,William is rapidly balding and losing his looks...and favoring his dad's features. Also, you're not a 14-year old girl anymore.

EETA:Meanwhile, the LiLo drama (I won't dignify to call it a "feud") grows stranger as Lindsay calls Paris a "cokehead" (the Columbian calling the powder Bolivian, no?), Nicky drops the "firecrotch" bomb. Then Hilton flack/evil genius Elliot Mentz arranges for a photoop as BFFs? With Britbot? Huh? What is going on?


Sticky Keys said...

I am so all about Team!Firecrotch!

I just shared this link with millions of people.

Holly said...

I don't understand how blogger keeps changing your fonts. Someone explain this to me.

Also, welcome back. Thank Xenu.

huntergrayson said...

Part of that is me trying to be pretty. But not really knowing what the hell is going on. I made the swtich to the beta blogger and upgraded to the new Firefox, so it should be easier to deliberately edit stuff the way I want. Plus, I can do cool labels.

I also had vague HTML knowledge in high school, so I'm learning and relearning things like how to make a link open in new window.