Nov 25, 2006

Sophie's Motherfracking Choice:

5 PM on SciFi: King Cobra. With Pat Morita and a cast of thousands. Dozens. Whatever.

Same time, different bat channel: USC versus Notre Dame.

Now, you know I don't know nothing about football. But. Still.

I wanna watch the game to see K's cousins weep. (True story: they flew into LA to watch the game. And didn't buy her a ticket! And K went to SC and they're ND alums. It's both schools! On her turf! Rudeness, much.)

Plus, Masa + beer and/or scotch, plus flipping back and forth to Cobra? Potential best day ever. The game can be no more confusing/exciting than King Cobra. Perhaps I will finally understand football.

I wish I had a fancy TV that could do picture-in-picture, but I don't. It's too bad my parents don't love me enough to get an HDTV. Hint hint winkwink nudge nudge.

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Sticky Keys said...


You Sir, are out of control.

Hope you had a festive holiday!