Nov 25, 2006

COBRA. third act and denoue-something.

These postings were written while I hadn't had a good night's sleep in DAYS. Lack of sleep makes me, well, punch-drunk (despite what H----- told you on her blog on lies, I was not ACTUALLY DRUNK while writing these entries). But, yeah, no sleep makes for a slightly manic, incoherent me. Oh, and I know nothing about football, but, man, that TV Class sure did a number when it came to analyzing advertizing and tropes and shit?

Proceed at your own risk. You may probably be offended if you're a person who knows or cares about Football, Trojans, letting quarterbacks and Joe Scarborough *not* be sexually harassed online by me, etc.

So I recorded the last five minutes of King Cobra during halftime and will catch up on it later. Here's the psuedoliveblog wrapup:


I love the word “rout.”

11/25/06 7:20:55 PM

PIZZA. FINALLY. And a drink. Finally.

Now the liveblog/recap will become even less coherent.

But more entertaining!

11/25/06 7:27:59 PM

Alls I know is that we scored while I was away.

And commentatorbot3000 says that Brady Quinn is pissed. I could always “comfort” him later. Sleeping with the enemy makes the sex SO MUCH HOTTER! (That’s why my embarrassing crush Joe Scarborough and I are gonna have bed-breaking action. Imagine all that hate and yelling channeled into more, uh, productive arenas).

COMMENTATOR: “We’ve seen [Brady] come back after taking a hard sack!”


Wait, that makes no sense.

The coaches’ nicknames are Little Tuna and Big Tuna? Are we sure I’m not accidentally watching the Office? (and Ed Helms’s brilliant turn?)

Okay, now the commentator just said “penetrating front.”

I have only had a sip of my drink. So dirty, right?

Oh, now he’s breaking out big words like “infallible.”

So…is the line “infallible” or not? I can’t tell.

INCOMPLETE! One of my favorite words. Except in a school context. Then it was bad because I had too many.

How can one take a phone call on the field? Why is it an old corded phone? Wouldn’t a cell be easier? Plus, hello, easy, breezy, beautiful product placement. The Cingular Cylon Blackjack: The Official Phone of Bradyquinn when he’s pissed.

Wow. Another incomplete. But for us. Boo.

Man, I love movie ads and their fuzzy math. I mean, yes, Bond 21 is technically the number one movie in THE WORLD. But I remember when The Breakup was like “number one comedy in the country” for weeks after it dropped from the box-office.

My TiVo is about to change to the CW (pronounced Cwah, per someone smarter than me) to record the Gilmores and Miss Mars (it was preempted on Tuesday for Clippers/Lakers).

COMMETATORBOT3K: “Long enough and he’s got it!” DIRTY!

31 USC/ 17 ND. Still no comment to prevent jinxing.

Per H-----’s question: Anyone know anything about “The Terrace” in Pasadena? There’s a band we need to see on the 8th and want details.

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