Mar 21, 2016

i'm a poet, now you know it: happy #worldpoetryday

In honor of #worldpoetryday this March 21st of 2016, I've decided to dust off an old poem I wrote initially entitled "points of view" and write a companion piece entitled "reflection":

(a.k.a. "points of  view")

i am who i am perceived to be,
i am who you perceive me to be,
your perception of me is who i am,
i perceive you to be who i am,
who i am is a perception of you,
          and you are the perception i would like to be.
i am not who you perceive me to be.



i once told a man that i loved him like a statue.
           upon reflection, i realize that was not quite true

a mirror

i love(d?) him like a mirror
like narcissus, my perception of the reflection drew me in
nearly drew me under

a (funhouse) mirror in which to peer
an idealized, (un?)realized version of my self in which to gaze
take caution not to drown
i should have left town

his waters may be still
(not quite sure if they run deep)
"i wish i had a river to skate away on"
i wish i knew how to swim in a river whose current i have yet to properly gauge 
my reflection distorted, unsure of what is being reported, i found myself enraged

how many years of bad luck have i doomed myself to
                  by finding this mirror to be cracked
i'd like to tell myself to give approximately zero fucks
                  but i am unsure of whether or not i can manage a different tack