Nov 25, 2006


11/25/06 6:27:00 PM

“Brady Quinn brings the Irish up.”Is that different than “get your irish up?” One means fighting. Speaking of Irish. I still haven’t had a drink.

Would a Rob Roy with Dubonnet Rouge rather than Sweet Vermouth be totally gross? I don’t have soda for the New School Old-Fashioned. Yes, I invented the New School Old Fashioned.(after the game, I did).

How did I get so sweaty? I have to move. I need real AC.

Commentators make a Will Ferrell joke.


Oh, Yeah, commentators. John David Booty is shaking. Because he knows what I will do to him tonight. That’s shaking with joy. Not fear.

Why is the past footage all color-treated? Weird.

Football has too many timeouts. I went out and was able to smoke a Nat Sherman and order a pizza at 2:45 left. And now there’s 30 seconds. And Nat’s take forever to smoke.

Rose Bowl! I know a queen. Sophia Bush, FWIW. And yes, she’s as pretty (if not moreso) in person. And nice. I just wish I still had her number so that I could tell her that I would punch the Chadster if she asked.

USC 21/ND 10. At the half. I’m saying nothing because I don’t want to jinx it. I am my mother, you know, and she has wicked bad jinxing mojo when it comes to football.

Pete Carroll has REALLY KIND eyes.

I love the word “rout.”

This insurance ad will make me cry.

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