Nov 25, 2006

it's okay....

We have all the time in the world.

Unfortunately, no we don't.

R.I.P to Sven Nykist as well. He had one of the best eyes and best careers in the business. Plus he got to shoot the gorgeous Miss Lena Olin twice, so not a bad life, eh? Which brings me to -

sidenote: despite my paper arguing that Alias is/was the successor to Bond, it's taken me until now to realize that title of the last episode equals the last line of OHMSS.

sidenote to the sidenote: As pissed as I am about MGM screwing up the DVD release AGAIN, it seems like the Bond DVD Set 3 will be worth it since there are at least two other good films in it. It seems like the best combination would sets 2, 3 and 4 (since it has Dr. No, among others) and get Goldfinger as a standalone DVD when it is rereleased. Since I hear the transfer is absolutely killer. Unfortunately, I'm still unable to buy an HDTV yet but who cares until the whole BluRay/HD-DVD fiasco is settled anyways. And yes, despite or perhaps because of the Madonna cameo and invisible car, I do think Die Another Day is a okay movie.


Holly said...

Richard Gere's Altman tribute: "There's no-one I'm prouder to have worked with. He was an ecstatic ... a magician ... a conjurer ... a mischievous boy. He understood and could express that uniquely American shapeshifting goofiness more than anyone. He was the deepest ocean and the lightest feather at the same time. We all loved him so much."

Words to live by.

huntergrayson said...

Wow. Do you think Gere and Lindsay should get together?

Maybe he can convert her to Buddhism. And Gerbils.