Jan 8, 2007

there are two colors in my head....

And they're, like, fuschia polka dots and neon orange.

So. My first hangover in MONTHS. And it's bad. Real bad.

Normally, I don't get hungover because I am the H2O police. Good rule of thumb to follow is for every two drinks, drink a pint glass of water. Honestly, that's some of the best advice my dad ever gave me.

But now, I want to DIE. I want the world to end in a firey blaze and take me with it.

Long story short - due to the soul-crushing task of packing up my apartment and the rage-inducing fact that Amoeba wouldn't take half the CDs I had just spent importing to Itunes, cleaning, finding the right cases for....I had to have "one drink" to calm my nerves.

One drink turned into several. And I hadn't eaten all day. Every cute guy had a boyfriend. Yet still flirted with me. Including one *right in front of his boyfriend* because they have "an open relationship." WTFever. Miss Kay Rose called and invited me to go eat. So I did. We ate at a bar. So more drinking. Then she made me MOVE HER FURNITURE. [Because I'm moving in with her soon.] I was fine driving because I did do the water-binge, plus about a kilo of caffeine. Came home, looked at FOOB, may or may not have posted something at CPMCoG.

Turned on the TiVo to watch...something.


I woke up less than 2-3 hours later and now can't get back to bed.

Because there is a RABID FUCKING DOG eating MY BRAIN.

Kill me now, kill me later, just kill me.