Dec 16, 2006



A requiem in three parts:

  • While filming License to Wed earlier this year in a certain building belonging to a certain BFF, Robin Williams is milling about downtown. Besides the two of us starting the only interesting (i.e. completely false) rumor ever to exist about Mandy Moore, I stumble into this hilarious idea, which I consistently joke about with aforementioned BFF: "Hey, since the only time Robin Williams was agreed to be super funny was the 70s - which was when he was really coked out - wouldn't it be absolutely hysterically awesome if we invite him back to your place to drink and do some lines? Yeah, I don't know where we're going to get blow, but come on, it would be so funny! And then he could be awesome in the movie and be funny again! I mean, he'd have to go back to rehab after filming, but we'd be doing the world a favor by making Robin Williams funny!" Uh. Prophecy Much?
  • I was watching bits and pieces of On Her Majesty's Secret Service the other day and kept thinking how sorta hot George Lazenby was. Then I remembered that Lazenby was Australian, and mused on how based on the experiences of me and selected friends, they tend to be both (a)pretty hot, as a people. And (b)absolutely awesome in bed. [whereas the Brits have the cute accents but couldn't shag to save their lives. This is probably why Fleming actually wrote Bond as a Scot]. I was thinking how nice and hot it would be to, well, BAD PUN AHEAD, "go down under." Lo and behold, later that night? Exactly that scenario happens!

  • Less conclusive is the fact that Miss Kay Rose (aforementioned BFF) bought me an much-needed umbrella the other day when it was raining and now I'm going to see her again and it's raining again. But still. COINCIDENCE?.....or evil?

Superduper irony alert:I love how my very first post was slagging Broadway Bar and now I'm looking for a place downtown preferably within walking distance of it, Miss Rose and Miss Magnolia. Bizarre to the max. Massive hugs to the cool bartenders who enable us so. Just, uh, try to get a pair of indie rock glasses, J. Miss Rose would like it so. And by "her," I mean "me." And by "a pair of indie rock glasses," I mean, "assless chaps." Doesn't everyone?

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