Dec 18, 2006


Look. I know that Time has named the collective "You" the person of the year.

But really, it's "me you" NOT "you you."

I'm sorry.

You may ask yourself, but "huntergrayson, you've never posted a video on YouTube, why are you more deserving of this title than I, with my awesome 'look at my kitty doing cute things for 90 minutes?' video that shall make De Sica himself weep with envy?"

[special inside joke/aside: "That wasn't fantasy so much as feline neo-realism." ]

Well, because everything I've ever made or done or put out on teh interwebs is a work of genius. It's Just. That. Simple.

Also, Lindsay Lohan and Al Gore and I traveled back in time when we were hopped up on Strawberry NesQuik and invented the internet, which made this whole thing and "person of the year" thing possible.

Oh and then Al actually caused global warming so he could release a blockbuster film later on.

True story. The end.

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