Dec 18, 2006


Okay, I'm half-joking about this and half-not.

How would one cite Lindsay Lohan's Blackberry Message in a paper or article?

Are there even MLA/AMA rules for Blackberry Tributes/Eulogies?

I ask because I'm considering writing a Lohan-related article to kinda "pitch" myself for freelance work, like for magazines and whatnot. I mean, I write about her enough here, so why not? Plus, the only relevant stuff I've written for this "type" of "work" was working for the daily paper back in high school and I always got assigned the boring crap articles. So I kinda have to write an article on spec, I guess, and be all "look what I can do!"

Elsewhere on teh interwebs, I've been joking about it like this:
"making a fearless and searching inventory of myself (12st book)*"

*[Lohan, Lindsay. "BE ADEQUITE!" Blackberry Eulogy, mixed media on Blackberry. November 2006].

But that almost seems like a proper citation, right?

Can I make the rule that "BE ADEQUITE!" is its "official" Academic title? I also like how I sorta cited it like an art project, but if someone can think of something better, let me know.

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