Aug 5, 2005

Well, there goes my non-innocence...

Thanks to StickyKeys, I checked out ohnotheydidn't this very early morning (late night, whatever, semantics) and feel so bummed out:

[image ganked from Getty, obviously]

Hell to the nah.

Let's all be greatful he's still hung like a horse, okay? To think that Owen is the one with the stallion-based nickname. If anyone would like to send evidence, reports, him to my house to confirm this rumor, that'd be great.

Because it helps to focus on a happy place. Other than the fact that I need to gain (yet more) weight so that I can wear that incredible suit. It's so gorgeous that I wouldn't even want him to step out of it -- which may be good, considering the girth Vince is displaying, and not the fun girth either.

In completely unrelated news, I bring you two recent items of note from some celeb boards:

From the BI Thread, from 7/31's NYDN:
Which actor, shooting a film opposite a certain tabloid-fodder actress, is popular on the set, even though he needs a break between each take to accommodate his monster cocaine habit?
We also happened to discuss "coke bloat" on the "Everything You Wanted to Know About" thread. If anyone else has more info or scientific theories, that'd be awesome. For research purposes, of course.

To quote Brittany Murphy: "I've never even seen cocaine."

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Sticky Keys said...

WHere have you been?

You know I love you to death and back right?

Poor puffy Vince...