Sep 3, 2007

further adventures in juxtaposition...

After CollegeHumor was actually, inadvertently funny for a change, banner ads prove hilariously stupid/stupidly hilarious once again:

The awesome cats at LOLgay macro-ed the heck out of Craig (submit yours today!). But then there's the weirdness of having a "3 conservative books for $1 each" ad next to it. Which, huh? I wonder if they bought the ad in hopes that LOLgay would attract right-wingers who want to laugh at the fairy's funny costumes and street fairs...and then are completely stoked for getting an awesome deal!

Because, you know, those conservatives have some really good points when they're not being total hypocrites. Or giving coke and pot to barely legal pages.

[Sidebar: free-flowing drugs, sex with older men in suits and the chance to live for years off the tell-all book deal money? Shit, I picked the wrong career.]

In further, further adventures of juxtaposition... MTV's ad breaks are going back and forth between spots for the VMAs, which are all "VEGAS! WOOT! LIVE! MADNESS! YEAH" and promos for Resident Evil:Extinction, which pitch the city as a dried-up, post-apocalyptic wasteland.

And if Britney really *does* perform, we're going with the latter. Because damn her to hell for answering the question "what's more of an earworm than -ella-ella-ella-ey" with the answer of repeating the words "gimme more" in no less than 27 protooled variations.

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