Aug 15, 2007

strike a juxtapose!

Okay, we've all seen examples of horribly ironic/inappropriate placement of ads on a webpage.

Now I give you the funniest thing ever posted on College "Humor," ever. And I don't think it was intentional. So, bros, dudes, and dudebros - Lauren wrote this totally awesome piece "Irrelevant Nostalgia at $25 bucks a pop!" It's about making fun of hipster pop-culture T-shirts.

Now guess who is one of's biggest advertisers and chose to place an ad next to said piece? Come on, take a guess ...

P3NED! & Shamed! It's like they're tea-bagging themselves, really.

[Actually, Wiki reveals that their parent company *owns* Busted Tees, so they really are tea-bagging themselves. And are displaying massive amounts of stupidity.]

Granted, it's not like I'm an expert on funny or have zillions of dollars from selling out to Barry Diller. But the site, on the whole, is painfully unfunny. Yeah, some of the pictures sent in are amusing and kinda LULZ-worthy. But that's content from users. Not CH's "created" content.

Case in point: "Guy Tries To Impress His Friends By Singing The Fast Part to Hook by Blues Traveler."

It's *exactly* what it sounds like. Just the lyrics, slightly f'ed-up.

That's not even a joke -- it's barely a concept for a joke.

Also, incoming college freshmen are apparently living in the early 90s.

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