Sep 25, 2007

the 'duh' in 'dui'

Seriously, Least. Surprising. DUI. Ever.

The whole thing can be summed up in the following story, which took place on my birthday.

MP: [Charming anecdote about her friend being harassed by a drunken guy in the bushes.] And guess who it was?
HA: Kiefer Sutherland?

H. said this in the most perfect deadpan, "oh, you know how that Kiefer is" voice, like we knew him.

I think the bushes incident was a Defamer sighting, but I'm not sure.

I, uhm, don't watch 24 but if it - a show renowned for its conservative political streak - is getting a lady president who likes the ladies off-screen [Cherry Jones], is that a sign of a shifting cultural climate?

Also, there was a semi-recent BI about a show trying to cram in a shitload of eps before the strike and how the lead was resorting to drugs to do round-the-clock filming. Does anyone know what I'm talking about and could find it? I kiss you in advance. Because I certainly don't know of any friends who spotting him snorting at the Standard in recent years, but...well, yeah, I do.

I can't act too high-and-mighty because who among us hasn't looked like this:

after a few?

[ROWR/Woof!/purr....and image shameless ganked from]

Speaking of rowr: dude walking past me at Sbucks + scrub pants + him in boxers (or, geez, commando!?) = holy mother of GOD, can I give *him* his physical instead? This dude's a tall drink of water, but wowza. And now I don't need coffee to perk me up.

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