Sep 6, 2008

and for those wondering why the Times is failing.

Calender?    Really?

Granted, I suppose the blame really lies with KTLA's corner promo copyeditor (or lack thereof), but still.  

On the subject of the CW - okay, so, the premieres of GG and 902.0 gave us Tinsley Mortimer, Jay McInerney, Cory Kennedy and the Cobrasnake.  Are we sure that the whole thing isn't being funded by Gawker/Defamer?  

But props to ANTM for finally admitting that Tyra is an evil robot bent on our destruction.

Minus for being the escapism I turned to to get away from Palin, only to introduce yet another annoying Alaskan in the form of Hannah.  Who, during the electoral issues-themed photoshoot, memorably proclaimed that she knew nuclear weapons were bad, but didn't really know how she felt about them.   This makes her about equal to Sarah Palin in terms of political savvy, who admitted that she hadn't "really focused much on the war in Iraq" but whose oldest son is being deployed there shortly.

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