Aug 9, 2008

jock inch(es)/french twist

So while unable to sleep due to the thrilling international events going on closer to home (namely, a Scot taking up a large portion of my bed), I stumbled upon the strange and thrilling world of Olympic coverage of random events no one watches.

But, oh, they should.  Because:

Badminton Player Przemyslaw Wacha, of Poland [Sven Heise's image stolen from here].

I caught about five seconds of the match, but clearly he is worth investigating further.  Not merely for the endless, easy "Pole" and "shuttlecock" jokes.  There's  "invading him by surprise like it was 1939" just for starters.  ;)

It should be noted that I've *yet* to watch the opening ceremonies because, well, NBC was foolish enough not to air them live and I had the chance to catch up with an old  friend.  Over dinner, we discussed how the gorgeous and talented Carla Bruni [fine, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy] is quickly becoming my obsession and the coolest woman alive.  Among our fascinating recent discoveries?  She (a) found her first meeting with him incredibly awkward because she hadn't voted for him  and (b) her worth when they wed was 20 times her husband's.  AWKWARD. And totally awesome.  I bought her album at Amoeba and will return with my review forthwith. Yes, she's a model turned singer turned First Lady.  But she's cool anyway.  Because she, as they say, keeps it real.  Her VF cover pullquote?  "It's not that I had a lot of lovers - it's that I never hide them."  C'est bad-ass.  

Meanwhile, because one (or several) good turn deserves another and because he indirectly inspired this Olympic hottie post, I must refer you to bstewart doing his part for his Canadian countrymen by, well, showing us the parts of his Canadian countrymen.

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