Apr 13, 2006

does UPN even *have* a standards & practices dept?

Cases in point, both from Veronica Mars:

Last week's episode, Plan B. (roughly)

Veronica to Weevil: "It's not time for Plan B just yet, Dirty Harry."

Weevil: "In case you haven't noticed, I ain't no mick cop."

Veronica: "Dirty Sanchez?"

OH. DEAR. LORD. What the hell, is this HBO?

From this week's, I Am God.

Dick Casablancas: "Sometimes you don't need the prettiest horse, just one that will let you ride bareback."

And no, I'm not linking because you can find gay porn on your own time. Tune in now, y'all, before the CW move renders this show much more sanitized in the post-Gilmore slot.

On the subject of shows to watch, AMC/BBC's HU$TLE is awesome and a sheer delight. It's pure entertainment, funny, extremely cinematic and stars the most gorgeous, charming black man this side of Taye Diggs. It's like Ocean's 11 on a weekly basis and *now* networks are bringing out Heist and whatnot. Seriously, tune in -- it's as effortless and enjoyable as a glass of champagne, minus the hangover.


Sticky Keys said...

Oh no! I wrote a whole thing on how much I utterly hated Hustle! I only saw the one ep, but it was more than enough for me. I won't go within ten feet of those other shows. UPN is for Top Model and Outter Limits. That's it!

Holly said...

There's a moment in season 1 (I want to say it's in Remember the Tritons) where Weevil's talking about an award he won in auto shop and Veronica deadpans, "You got a trophy for a rim job?"