Jun 25, 2008

what if they held an academic conference...

And didn't invite me.  More specifically, an academic conference where experts discussed "trainwreck female celebs."  According to CNN's story, topics included "Britney's Tears: The Abject Female Celebrity in Postemotional Society" and "Hooker, Victim and/or Doormat: Lindsay Lohan and the Culture of Celebrity Notoriety."  

Look, I'm fine with not getting invited to the latest club opening.  Or your party.  But this?  So not fair.  Someone as celeb-obsessed as I am, who also has the 4(ish) years of film school-induced "gift" of postmodern deconstruction.  (Though, let's be honest, I've being doing it forever.)  Come on!  I wrote a 10+ page paper parsing the greater meaning of Lohan and arguing for her as a gay icon - and I did it in a hour.  At a bar.  [Hey, know thy subject, right?]    I realize how this highbrow/lowculture thing can be annoying and pretentious.  But sometimes I love turning on that switch.  You should see me at my decidedly non-Oprah-sponsored Book Club.  

What do I have to do to earn me a slot?  Because, look, I will suffer through I Know Who Killed Me once more to analyze how she is a hooker/victim *and* doormat, not to mention the Jungian symbolism of doubling/the "other" and all the blatant Lynch references/rip-offs.

I won't enjoy it, but I will do it </that'swhatshesaid!>

Speaking of Lindsay and the gays - is it wrong that her potential lesbian wedding is the celeb gay wedding I'm most thrilled for?  Look, I know she's young and crazy, but Sam has, by all accounts, been a hugely stabilizing influence for her.  And OMG, formal leggings?  Can you even imagine?  She'll go back into her clotheshorse/fashion plate days and it'll be straight from the SATC:Movie wedding dress montage.  And part of real equality means allowing our bi/lesbian celebutantes can get just as rashly married as the straight ones.

Vote no on the November amendment, duh.  I'm licking my post-Hillary wounds by remembering that Obama = youth voters, youth voters = okay with the gays.  Though the FISA compromise is straight-up bullshit.

Speaking of, Salon had some great articles - Rebecca Traister argued that the PUMAs still have their claws out.  Walter Shapiro says that the kittens will be tamed.    It stands for "party unity my ass," and as Becca says, it sounds like an angry cougar.   Interesting reads and more they're better at talking politics than I could ever be.

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StickyKeys said...

Okay, so here's the think sbout Ronhan or Samhan, or Ronson-gate or whatever the kids are calling it these days. Samantha Ronson SUCKS, and Lindsay is intentionally sucking for attention and love. So hopefully Sammy's SUCKING will encourage Linds to be better. Problem is that we both know Linds and there's no long term to this.

I'm actually rooting for Sam not to get hurt and you have no idea how that disturbs me since I'm the one who wants to slap the tasste out of her mouth the greater part of the day.

I'm really not a Ronson fan.