Jun 29, 2007

A paradox! An oxymoron! A paradoxymoron!

So all the old mainstays of rock are releasing new albums soon. Or touring while their drummer passive-agressively bitches about it via blog. Or transforming a formerly promising teen actress into a clone of his ex and then fucking her onscreen while blood spews everywhere.

Among those doing the album-releasing thing?

The Smashing Pumpkins.

I sorta had this information swirling in the back of my head. Then I saw a bus bench ad.

The album's title?


Oh, that's fucking rich.

A brief swig of the dictionary tonic reveals Zeitgeist as "the general moral, intellectual, and cultural climate of an era."

I own a calendar. It's not the 90s, upcoming Spice Girls -- sorry, Spice "Women" -- reunion tour notwithstanding.

Which was the last time Smashing Pumpkins were within a 10-mile radius of the zeitgeist. Hell, it's the last time they were even in the same galaxy as our zeitgeist.

There was that one good song on the Lost Highway soundtrack and then a dozen abortive side-projects and "new" bands.

Also, Mellon Collie and the infinite double album that had the cool Georges Méliès-jacking (er, "homaging") video was one of those albums that I bought because I thought I had to to be cool and music-savvy. But I never really listened to it. Not really. Because double albums are usually filler, filler and more filler. The only recent exception I can think of is NIN's Fragile.

Plus, naming your album Zeitgeist is just a weeee bit hyperbolic and setting yourself up for failure. I mean if this record doesn't capture and define our time, then it looks like a failure.

The only 90s musicians I care about their pending comeback? Courtney Love (and her backing band, her misspelled personal demons). Seriously, get clean, get the record done and fucking make me 16 and angsty again and feeling like I heard "Doll Parts" for the first time.

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