Feb 18, 2005

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead.

More than just a great Clive Owen film*, people. It's a way of life for me.

Like 7:15 and no sleep. Technically, I got a prescription to prevent this wacky nocturnal sleep cycle. Yet I lied to my doctor and said I was doing better. Another strand in the web of lies. [new Harlowe/Moran slogan, anyone?]

So I'm buzzed and horny and trying not to think about my life. Because when I do, panic ensues.

Assorted thoughts:

1) "Cabaret" needs a new DVD transfer right quick. I'm not one of those freaky high-def/digital film is the future advocates - I love the film medium and its inherent quirks. That said? A bit much with the grain on this disc.

2) After getting frisked and waiting in line for 20 minutes, "Be Cool" disappointed me. The Rock does however have the funniest "monologue" in perhaps the history of cinema. I mean, besides Julia Stiles as Ophelia. Because her dying? HI-larious. Strangely, the two top billed stars (Uma and Jonny T) probably have the least screentime. Christina Milian isn't as bad as most singer/actors. She pretty and has a certain je ne suis screen presence. Maybe she'll be a a real actress one day. Overall, the film is too long and cluttered by half. Yet has bits of magic to redeem it -- double-V as a wigga deluxe, the dance of Thur-volta 2:Electric Bugaloo. Worth a matinee, but not Arclight prices. More at FameTracker.

Note to F. Gary Gray: Uma Thurman is not an unattractive woman. However, she does need to be shot properly to bring out her unique beauty. Please return to music videos until you learn how to film a beautiful woman. Words I never thought I'd type: Uma's fug is like whoa in this film except for two, 3 scenes at most.

3) TiVo is the greatest invention ever, How else would I find this compelling "New York Fashion Week Wrap-Up" show? I can not wait until they show LaLopez premiering her fall line. Yes, mysteriously, a week in January determines the FALL LINE of the year. I don't get it either. My screen now shows a model named "Mini Anden." Which is totally my new ALIAS at hotels.

LISTEN TO THIS: "Vivrant Thing" by QTip, "Erotic City" by Prince. And the Timbalandian (?) goodness of Ludacris and Shawna's "Shake that Shit."

*better than "Closer" - a colder performance, but a better one.


Sticky Keys said...

I think I love you, or maybe I am you?

johopping said...

some greendog vapid stuff!

johopping said...

oops inherantly

Sticky Keys said...

Uma Thurman is not an unattractive woman. However, she does need to be shot properly

I like it better this way. Just generally.